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Are you trying to find someone who you can give away or donate your used wheelchair?

The used wheelchair isn’t needed anymore and you don’t want to keep it in your home. Many people would really appreciate if they are given a wheelchair especially those who are in a very tight financial situation. Why not donate the wheel chair you have to a good cause?

There are a lot of non-profit charities here in Singapore that will accept used wheelchair donations still in good condition. They have volunteers who can help fix them up and give priority to those who urgently needed one but cannot afford.

Donate Used WheelChair

When you have decided to donate used wheelchair they are a few options. Usually, the places you can make a call  are old folk’s home as chances are they will accept it if it is still in good condition. These organizations may arrange for their staffs to pick up the used wheelchair. It depends some may require you to send it to them if possible.

But, if you are the one who need a used wheelchair as you cannot afford one, many of these non-profit organization provide people with disabilities a quality used wheelchair for at low cost or for free. You just have to check with them.