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Wheelchair rental services are rather common nowadays in case you need a temporary wheelchair. There may be times you need to consider wheelchair rental maybe due to a medical condition or if you have an old folks travelling with you on an oversea trips. Renting a wheelchair is necessary as this can make your holiday a lot easier for an elderly family member.

There are many reasons why people rent a wheelchair. It solves several problems for people who have leg problem while on travel. Some people will opt for a rental wheelchair instead of bringing their own for the following reasons:

• Wheel chairs may get damaged during air travel by baggage handlers.

• The new environment may be different from the environment here in Singapore. Some wheelchairs are built for different purposes.

Renting wheel chair will solve these problems for you. The wheelchair rental company staff will advise you if it fit your requirement. They will advice you if their wheelchair is suitable for the places you travel to.

For renting a wheelchair there are also easy options.

• Is there any free home delivery? Do you need to self pick it up?

• Is there any deposit required?

• Check for defect upon accept delivery.

• Any guarantee or contact no. to call if the wheelchair needs repair?

• If you are renting it for a longer period of time, ask about maintenance.

• What is the liability in case of loss or damage?

You may like to find out by doing side by side comparison. There are many rent a wheelchair service in Singapore and it is not difficult to find one online.