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Are you looking for a suitable wheelchair for yourself or your loved ones? Find out more of the insider’s tips on buying, how to maintain and using a new wheelchair.  Hope the information on this site is of valuable advice to you.

The wheel chair you pick should be based on several factors and considerations:
– Cost and your budget
– How long you’re going to be in a wheelchair
– Your health and physical well-being
– How often you travel

Check out the information first before you buy and get talked into buying something you don’t want to by a salesman.  This site is independently owned and free for visitors.  Kindly support our online sponsors and you can support us by keeping this site free for others.  Let your friends know about this site. Thank you.

There are lots of makes and models available on the market so when you are trying to select a suitable wheelchair, it can be confusing and difficult to decide.  So let us first start by breaking it down into the two (2) types of wheel chairs and next to find out about the styles of wheel chairs available.

The Two Main Categories of Wheelchairs Are:

Electric Wheel Chairs:  Electric wheelchairs are powered by a motor.  They do not require any physical effort or any muscle power to move it. Electric models are the higher-class version of the wheel chair where you use a control to move or direct the wheelchair where you want it to go.

Manual Wheel Chairs:  Manual wheel chair will require physical effort help you move around from one place to another.

Next, there are several styles of wheelchairs that you can choose from.  You should make sure that you choose and pick the style that is best suited to your needs.

Standard Wheel Chair:  This type of wheel chair is best designed for the user who weighs under 300lbs.  The user can self-propel them around or need a helper to push them. This wheelchair is the most common and also it is less expensive compare to the other types.

Lightweight Wheel Chair:  This is the more popular types of manual wheelchairs.  It is the same as the standard wheel chair, and the weighs is lighter.

Heavy Duty Wheel Chair:  This heavy-duty wheel chair is designed to be used by users who weigh heavier.

Reclining Wheel Chair:  Some users prefer a reclining wheel chair.  It is suitable for patients who need to rest or spend long hours in a wheel chair or need to be put into a prone position at times, then this type of wheel chair may be better. One drawback is that this type of wheelchair is heavy and hard to transport from place to place.

Transport Wheel Chair:  As what the name implies this type of wheel chair will be needed occasionally. It is lightweight and very easy to keep in the car. The drawback of this type of wheelchair is that you require someone to push it.