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If you are deciding between choosing a manual wheelchair and choosing an electric one it can be quite a headache.

There are pros and cons of getting a manual one as opposed to an electric chair, listed here are some important thing you should take into consideration.

For a manual wheel chair you need to use your own strength to propel yourself forward.  If you have good upper body strength, it is ideal for you. Most manual wheel chairs are lightweight and portable.

Pros and cons of owning a manual wheel chair:

The Pros:

1. Affordable.

2. Good for temporary/short term use.

3. Self propelled need body ability.

4. Easy to transport.

5. Less maintenance.

The Cons:

1. Not suitable for those who are physically weak.

2. You need someone to push you around

When deciding to purchase the manual wheel chair it is good to let the sales staff know about your physical condition. What you will and will not be capable of. Ask the staff which chair is suitable for your situation like if you have a nurse or a helper? For how long you will need the wheel chair. (If for temporary period of time, you may want to look into getting a used wheel chair or rental wheel chair)  With that information, he or she can better help you pick out the model and advice you accordingly.