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If your current situation can allow you to propel a wheelchair and you may be using it temporary, then purchasing a manual wheelchair will be the better choice for the user. Manual wheelchairs are usually cheaper and also they are lighter compared to the ranges of electric wheelchairs.

But, if a patient needs to be confined to a wheelchair for a longer period of time, then there is a choice to look at electric wheelchairs would be better and more favorable. Electric wheelchairs are also good considered if the patient does not want to exhaust himself when moving around.
Some other factors you may need to consider when choosing a wheelchair that is suitable for each individual:

Size of Seat

This is fundamental to the quality of life when it comes to choosing a wheelchair. Get the patient to sit on the wheelchair, measure from the back seat about two inches behind your knees. This is to ensure that the seat is long enough to provide ample leg support without rubbing the back of your legs.

For someone who is 5’4 “and taller, the standard 19” to 21 “seat height will work well for them, unless you are using a seat cushion. If the user is 5’4″ and shorter, then the hemi seat height of 17″ seat height 18″ would be ideal. For a person who is less than 4’11”, a seat height of 14″ to 16″ is usually what you should be looking at.

The footrest of the wheelchair has to be taken into account. It’s rather important to understand that the more wheelchair footrest sticks out, is more difficult to maneuver. It is inevitable that a wheelchair user will encounter objects and when that happens, the footrest is usually the part that you have to check, make sure you the wheelchair comes with a comfortable footrest.

Choosing the right wheelchair – there are two types of brackets to choose from:

Standard Footstool

This is the common standard footrests of most wheelchair , but need the footrest to swing out of the way in and out of the wheelchair. Note that these brackets they do not have calf pads to support the patient’s leg.

Elevating Leg Rest

If the user has problem with his legs, and swelling, then this would be ideal type footrests and pads that come with the calf.