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The electric wheelchair is also known as the power chair and it is one of the greatest inventions that have ever been invented.

A blessing for many

This kind of wheelchair has proved to be a blessing to quadriplegics and the physically disabled. This type of chair was invented by George Klein. George Klein came out with this chair as his purpose was to help injured soldiers of the Second World War. Later on the main purpose of this chair progressed to many forms and designs. Today a number of styles and shapes of power chairs can be obtained in the market.

These power chairs have a lot of functions such as: tilting, reclining, hand controller, seat elevation, chin controller and many other features. Many of these chairs are of the portable kind and they can be disassembled and carried along while travelling by bus or airplane.

Three (3) types of electric wheelchair available today

This wheelchair is classified into three main types and these are as follows:

The front wheel powered chair: This is the kind of chair that is used by people who love to move around indoors. This is a four wheel driven chair and it is the most flexible of all the wheel chairs available.

The rear wheel powered chair: This chair is best suited for people who love the outdoors. It is ideal for roads that are very rugged and for safety of travel, the chair also has additional rear wheels.

Mid wheel powered chair: This chair is ideal for indoor use but it has steering functions that are extremely tough.

Other types of these chairs also available

There are also other types of these chairs that are available like the powerbase wheelchair, the transportable wheel chair and the heavy duty wheel chair.

The heavy duty wheelchair is used mostly for the outdoors. This chair is just great for travelling over rough surfaces. But it must be noted here that it is only possible to transport these chairs with the aid of lifts and ramps. It is possible to customize the electric wheelchair according to individual requirements.

Buy the best

You can very easily buy the best electric wheelchair just by looking online as there are many online directories that have provided a list of manufacturers of this particular type of chair. Note though, as these chairs are operated on batteries, it is best to choose chairs of this kind that have the best performance.