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Are you wondering whether you should get a manual or motorised wheelchair?

Today, if you go to buy a wheelchair, you will be surprised to discover that there are so many kinds that are available in the market and they vary in styles, shape and func tionality. Some of these chairs can only be operated manually, but there are others that have motors. Basically, if you find it hard to use a manual wheelchair, motorised wheelchairs can be a convenient option, if you have difficulty using a manual wheelchair.

For the people who need them, there are many kinds of wheelchairs are available. These chairs have been specifically designed to aid people with different combinations of medical conditions.

What type of manual or motorised wheel chair do you require?

Before you buy the chair, it is best that you first examine these chairs closely so that you can make sure that the wheelchair you purchase suits your needs.

Motorised wheelchairs have the added advantage of electric motors and thus they are preferred by many people who may not be able to operate a manual wheelchair due to their diminished physical capacities.

No need to use strength

It takes a great deal of effort and strength and the use of both arms to manipulate and operate manual wheelchairs. This can be difficult, or even impossible, for some people. Also, the effort require to use a manual wheel chair can sometimes aggravate a person’s condition.  It is for these very reasons that doctors recommend a motorised wheelchair to a patient.

Motorised wheelchairs are also known as power-chairs and this is because they have electric motors that are used to propel the chair. To control the direction of the chair, the user operates a joystick or some other control device. Almost all of these power chairs can be used outdoors as well, as indoors and they have several features like: adjustable elevation, power tilt, recline functions, etc.

As motorised wheelchairs have loads of more convenient features, they will generally cost more than the manual variety. But, if you have a condition that limits your ability to use a manual wheelchair, then you need to check if a motorised wheelchair is the best option for you. Whether manual or motorised wheelchair, the choice is yours to make!